About Us (Please note that we DO NOT sell Radio's or Dashboards)

CDH Electronics has now stopped trading but have kept those with original Radio decoder / dashboard reprogramming equipment updated as best as possible.

The decline of radio and other electronic repairs have all but gone from the main stream such as garages in the area and so I thought i'd offer my knowledge in the form of all my PC files and to all those stored in folder that have now been converted to PDF documents.

I have a vast amount of data spanning 26 years on both radio decoding and that of dashboards, plant and Bikes.

The data supplied may be in the form of a PDF, or zip file containing code + PDF + .BAS + Example code in basic or .EXE complied programs for working out check-sums.

Sample dumps within the PDF as well a binary image if required in the form of a *.BIN file.

Its assumed that you have experience in the field of programming equipment and soldering techniques.

If you have any questions then please let me know and i'll do my best to offer assistance and make any data that i have available in the shop.


Please note that all orders are for personal use and not for re-distribution.
Upon logging in to the shop your IP address is recorded and so passing your login details to other or sharing the data files will render your account void.

Remember that downloading these files from any site other than cdh.uk may leave you open to virus's and other spyware/malware programs and you wont find this data anywhere else including eBay or other online auctions.

All files are in straight Binary 1248 16 bit data and also text (ASCII)  as one long string of data, again straight data