Radio Help Files

Radio Help Files

Radios help files in PDF/ZIP/BIN/HEX or TXT format.

Have you ever wanted to know how to decode a security coded or VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) tied radio.

We offer a selection of files that will help in the re-programming of Security Code Radios.

Programming directly, these file will help in showing where and how the values are stored.

As in most new cars the radio is now tied to the vehicle by its VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)
If you fit a new or secondhand unit from the likes of Ebay, then the VIN of the radio will need to be programmed in order to stop that annoying beeping sound.

Its expected that you have the necessary knowledge in Eeprom/Flash/Micro programming equipment and soldering techniques.
If you wish to know what king of equipment, then please get in touch... there are lots of free programmers out there.

If you don't see anything on here that you want then let me know and i'll see what i a have.

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BE-1691:Help file explaining how the code is stored in the Eeprom, with working dump and code.This r..


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